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Frequently Asked Questions for ArabiaWeather.com:


Why did you choose the new exterior design of the site?

The new look and design of the Arab Weather website came after a sustained effort over the past weeks to find the best balance between weather forecasts and other content. With the new design of ArabiaWeather.com, which is characterized by its beauty and ease of use, the main objective behind the launch of the site in a new way is to make the site visitors "link" with the weather for their region and increase the interaction between visitors and the weather in their areas and site together. The new design and appearance of the content is presented in a modern and efficient way, allowing users and visitors to navigate the site and get information easily.


After experimenting with the new design on a number of people just before its launch, we found that the current new design has become more interesting, where visitors can see the weather forecast immediately to their favorite place on the home page of the site, in addition to the site helps to "feel the weather! In addition, many new features have been added that include local news content specific to each country's weather, content about nature, environment, space and space and other topics that you cannot find on any other Arabic website.


Our goal was also to create a place for advertisers without any inconvenience to the visitor and user. Where the ads were located very carefully and continued study on this for a long time.


What do I do if I find an inappropriate ad on the site?

Arab Weather website would like to fully assure you that it does not and will not in any way promote or promote any security hacking programs such as spyware, adware or other inappropriate programs by sponsors. Or advertiser.

If you find an inappropriate advertisement, please send an e-mail with the Screenshot of your ad and the address of the web page where the ad appeared to helpdesk@arabiaweather.com and we will investigate and resolve the issue immediately.


Arab Weather Company is the owner of this site is a business with principles and social values that observe the rules, traditions and customs and will not allow the knowledge of the existence of this type of advertising materials on computers or smart phones for visitors and users of the Arab Weather website. ( Read more about the company )


Does the Arab Weather website sell the customer database to third parties?

Be confident that the Arab Weather Company which owns this website does not, under any circumstances, sell any personal information about customers to a company or other entity. If you register or join any of the Arab Weather website services, your personal information will be kept private and confidential and will only be used in a way that enables us to serve you better.


Why does your website contain advertisements and advertisements?

In order to keep the services provided by Arab Weather website free of charge, we must take advantage of advertising revenue to cover the operational costs and expenses of the first and best Arab weather website on the Internet.


Does Arab Weather translate weather forecasts from other global sites?

Of course the answer is no! The owner of this site is the largest weather and information provider in the region. The company has advanced weather forecasting technologies and employs a staff of more than 20 people working around the clock. The company is associated with numerical computer models and satellites that put it at the forefront of air data providers and not translate air data from other sites or companies considered to be competitive with the company. ( Read more about the company )


Where do you get satellite imagery?

Satellite images that we broadcast to you free of charge ( see here ) are received via a satellite receiving station installed and operated at the Arab Weather Center "ArabiaWeather" regional meteorology and weather forecasts . This special station is directly linked to the Meteosat satellite for weather monitoring in the Arab and European region, and this satellite is owned by the European Organization for Weather Satellites (Eumetsat).


After receiving data from this satellite (every quarter of an hour) programs developed within the corridors of the company analyze this data and turn it into images that can track clouds and clouds and movement, in addition to the use of this data through technical systems for monitoring the movements of dust, fog , Air masses, thunderstorms, temperatures, water vapor and daily vegetation with data updated every 15 minutes. These different data enable the weather forecasters within the company, specialists and sealed visitors to predict the weather in certain areas for the next few hours and to warn of any severe weather conditions may hit the area.


Frequently Asked Questions


Your weather forecast is inaccurate!

The Arab Weather Company, which owns the site, is continuously increasing the accuracy of its weather forecasts. However, it should be made clear that the computing power available to the private meteorological sector is limited in comparison with the government meteorological sector and therefore limits the number of cities for which meteorological forecasts can be made, in other words that the computer system issues forecasts for a given point. Forecasts for the nearest geographic city are close to the point of prediction, which may result in an error in the weather forecast for this city due to several factors such as the height of the area above the sea level, for example. These errors are most pronounced in mountainous and adjacent areas such as Lebanon, southwestern Saudi Arabia, Algeria and others.


In spite of all the technical and material difficulties mentioned above, we have recently acquired the largest and most accurate Arab technology system for weather forecasting. Targeted to reach weather forecasts for around 10,000 regions in the Arab world, most forecasts for other weather websites and local meteorological services give weather forecasts for a few cities.


Currently, Arab Weather is characterized by providing weather forecasts for thousands of regions in the Arab world and includes hourly weather forecasts for the next five days, weather forecast for the next 10 days, detailed weather forecasts and monthly and seasonal weather forecasts!


What is the difference between weather services provided by local meteorologists and those provided by the Arab Weather website?

The Arab Weather website produces weather forecasts that are completely different from those of the government meteorological services of each country. The Arab Weather website is characterized by providing detailed weather forecasts for a large number of cities for each country in addition to weather forecast hour by hour (periods) and many Among other things, the most prominent of which is keeping abreast of the prevailing weather situation and expected in the field and through several electronic media and the issuance of warnings and news updates on the go through special follow-up teams to this end.


The Arab Weather website has developed and developed a regional numerical model of weather forecasts for the entire Arab world. This model has been tested over the past years and has resulted in very accurate weather forecasts. Read more about the Arab Regional Weather Forecast form below.


How accurate are medium and long-range weather forecasts?

In recent years there has been a dramatic improvement in the accuracy of medium- and long-term weather forecasts around the world. The accuracy of weather forecasts within five days is equal to that of forecasts three or four days 10 years ago.

In addition, it is now possible to take a general idea of the weather for 15 days to one month, which was not available several years ago, but nevertheless, the weather forecasts within 15 days will not be as accurate as the weather forecast for the next two days, for example. It is advisable to look at forecasts within 10 to 15 days as general indications of what the weather will be at that time in terms of whether or not the weather is going to be effective, or whether the weather will be colder or warmer than it is now or The period is characterized by humidity or dehydration.


Why is it not possible to know the current and prevailing weather for all cities?

Although weather forecasts and forecasts are available for thousands of cities across the Arab world, the Arab Weather website relies on airports and stations around the world to obtain current and prevailing weather reports and information, which are limited and available to airports and a limited number of cities. Issuing weather reports prevailing in all cities but only in some cities, which causes the current weather condition to be available only to major cities or airports at present.


However, it is worth mentioning that ARW has installed several automatic meteorological stations in important areas where there are no aerial reports. These stations are the property of the company, from which the weather conditions prevailing in these areas can be obtained.


About the Regional Weather Forecast Model:


What is the Arab Numerical Regional Weather Forecast Model?

AW-RNWP is an automated weather forecasting system designed and programmed to give weather forecasts for specific times of the day (ie at the relevant hour and not just a full-day overview).


The model compiles and takes weather forecasts from a number of global computer models and then compares them to similar weather conditions previously observed in order to produce the most accurate weather forecasts possible, so that the weather forecasts are designed and directed to the same area as the observations taken. Weather them.


How do I benefit from the regional numerical model of Arab weather?

The use of the regional weather forecast model allows you to take a closer look at the daily weather forecasts in your area at times of interest. For example, if you plan to organize an outdoor event in the afternoon and the weather forecasts indicate precipitation Rain in the afternoon the model will let you know when the weather is likely to get worse by the hour.


What is the difference between the weather forecasts of the regional numerical "Arab weather" model and the five-day forecast?

The five-day forecast gives a general summary of the weather in a given area and is included in the preparation of the human element. It is usually issued by a meteorologist based on the analysis and study of meteorological information in addition to his personal experience.

The regional numerical "Arab Weather" model provides its weather forecasts for a given time and place by integrating information from computer models with actual observations of the weather.

Thus, this different approach to the method of issuing forecasts may mean differences in weather forecasts between the regional "Arab weather" model and sometimes five-day forecasts.


How accurate is the Arab Numerical Regional Weather Forecast Model (AW-RNWP)?

The Arab Numerical Regional Weather Forecast Model is one of the most accurate automatic weather forecasting systems available in the Arab world at present. The error rate between actual and expected temperatures does not exceed a maximum of two or three degrees on average for all regions of the Arab world. The error rate between the expected and actual humidity levels does not exceed 5 to 10% and the difference between the expected wind speed and the actual recorded speed does not exceed 5 to 10 kilometers per hour.This is especially important considering the large number of areas with forecasted weather forecasts. .


In this way, the number of errors is statistically less than half of the errors made by the preliminary predictions of computer models, and this great performance in reducing errors due to unique techniques and great integration of information from computer models and actual observations of the weather, in addition to Arab Weather is currently planning to develop this model over the next six months.


How many hours does the Numerical Arab Weather model give its weather forecast?

After the weather forecast for the model for 48 hours to cover all times of the day and tomorrow, has been recently increased the computer capacity of this model to become the hourly forecast to five days to come, and this is one of the most important recent achievements of the Arab Weather Company.


How many times a day is the regional numerical weather forecast model "Arab Weather" updated?

The form is updated twice daily, approximately every 12 hours. As well as updates by weather forecasters when necessary.


What are the other uses of the Arab Numerical Regional Weather Model?

The model has other important applications in a variety of areas including energy, mineral exploration, construction, maritime navigation and agriculture so that information can be used for these applications at intervals of half an hour and for a whole week. Read more of this model by going to the Arab Weather Business Solutions website here .

This article was written originally in Arabic and is translated using a 3rd party automated service. ArabiaWeather is not responsible for any grammatical errors whatsoever.
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