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ArabiaWeather.com is the first and largest weather website in the Arab world. It was established in 2010. The site provides weather conditions for all regions of the Arab world (more than 5000 regions), and for the entire population of about 400 million people.

ArabiaWeather.com is provided on the pages of the 22 countries; Interesting and qualitative features and services that include direct news about the weather and weather developments, various interesting climate, environmental and scientific news, weather forecasts for the next five days and with accuracy up to hour-by-hour weather forecast (for periods) for these five days, ten weather forecasts In the coming days, in addition to the above, detailed weather bulletins and monthly and seasonal weather bulletins will be issued.

Otherwise, ArabiaWeather.com also provides a very special service, which is one of the few services at the level of the world, not only the Arab world, and it is direct images of satellites that monitor the weather over the Arab world.

And direct images of the products of these satellites are published, such as monitoring dust, fog, air masses, thunderstorms, and others. The site also provides live broadcasts of lightnings in the regions of the Arab world and their places of occurrence. ( Watch it here )

ArabiaWeather.com has gained great popularity over the past years, as the site receives nearly one million unique visitors per month from Jordan, and nearly half a million visitors from Saudi Arabia alone every month. And the total number of visits per month is more than 5 million visits.

And through social media channels and forums, ArabiaWeather.com is rapidly growing its followers. On the social networking site Facebook, the number of followers of the site from Jordan alone is 200,000, which makes the Jordan page one of the largest Jordanian pages. The site recently opened a special account for Saudi Arabia's weather ( @ ArabiaWeatherSA ) on the social networking site (Twitter), and in less than two months the site gained more than 25,000 followers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone. The site’s forums contain more than 70,000 registrants from different countries.

ArabiaWeather.com is owned by ArabiaWeather Inc., which is the first and largest weather company in the Arab world.

ArabiaWeather.com is managed by a cadre of employees of the owner company who have been trained to provide the site's services in a professional and distinctive way. Aviation experts from several countries, such as the UAE, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, and others, are working on the site, in addition to editors for weather and various news stories, entry points, data coordinators and graphic designers.

About ArabiaWeather Inc.

ArabiaWeather Inc. It is the first and largest weather and meteorological consulting company in the Arab world. The company was founded in 2010, and the company provides high quality weather products in several languages.

And through experts trained in meteorology from the best educational centers in the world, such as the British Met Office College , who work for the company, in addition to the high-level graphics and design department, the creative technology and programming department, the company provides solutions For business and weather services in a new, modern, and flexible way, its customers can rely on these services to run their businesses.

ArabiaWeather Inc. An integrated service system for weather and meteorology according to the exact needs of the company's customers, which covers many sectors and industries such as shipping, energy, construction and planning, reaching advanced areas such as various media, the Internet, smart phones, aircraft lines and airports . ( See the Special Business Solutions website )

The company has a good reputation in this field, as the company deals with many clients such as media channels, oil and energy companies, airlines, airports and others.

The company has two representative offices, the first in Dubai / United Arab Emirates and the other in the Jordanian capital Amman / Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the company has more than 20 employees in different fields.

ArabiaWeather Regional Center for Meteorology and Weather Forecast

It is the largest regional center for weather in the Arab world, with an area of more than 250 square meters, equipped and equipped with the latest devices and technologies that keep pace with meteorology in the world, and it is considered one of the most advanced centers in the Arab world to monitor and predict the weather.

And the center is directly linked with the European Organization of Weather Satellites ( Eumetsat ) via a satellite receiving station, through which the center is directly linked with the satellite (Meteosat) for monitoring the weather in the Arab and European regions. The center is also directly linked through advanced communication and data lines with global numerical weather forecast centers such as ( ECMWF ) and ( UKMET ) and others.

In addition, the center is connected directly to all airports in the world in addition to more than 10 thousand meteorological stations distributed in the Arab world and the world.

The center also includes a photography studio equipped to photograph weather forecasts and send them to various media channels, or use them through ArabiaWeather's internet channel. This studio is also equipped with the latest TV and production technologies that will raise the quality of the TV products provided by the company.

The center is based in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The "Arab Weather" mission and vision:

The mission of "Arab Weather": to provide weather and meteorological services in an accurate and qualitative manner and in a new way that matches the services provided by international agencies and to provide services for different business sectors, in addition to raising awareness of weather and weather conditions to increase national production and to prevent losses Resulting from the weather, whether physical or material losses.

"Arab Weather" vision: for the Arab Weather website "ArabiaWeather.com" and Arab Weather Company to become the main source of weather information and forecasts for the Arab citizen and for all residents of the 22 countries of the Arab world.

The values we work on:
In order for Arabia's mission and vision to be fulfilled, we always strive to find a cadre capable of achieving this difficult mission. ArabiaWeather seeks to recruit, develop and train people who have intelligence, creativity, desire and pride in achieving this message, and who have full belonging to achieving our values, which are:

* Responsibility, belonging and commitment

* Honesty, trust and respect

* Cooperation with others

* Quality and reliability

* The permanent desire to serve the community and customers

Efficiency, achievement and productivity

This article was written originally in Arabic and is translated using a 3rd party automated service. ArabiaWeather is not responsible for any grammatical errors whatsoever.

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