25 cities around the world are characterized by the best climate throughout the year, including 6 Arab cities

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طقس العرب
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Arabia Weather - Climate change phenomena led to an increase in average global temperatures, resulting in an increase in extreme weather phenomena such as floods, hurricanes, and forest fires. The oceans also witnessed an increase in their temperatures and a decrease in the thickness of the ice sheets, which exacerbated the challenges related to climate change and made Many beautiful cities are increasingly unlivable.


The world is in a state of emergency due to climate change

The world is in a state of climate emergency, and as calls for better policies grow, so does the search for cities that offer the best year-round climate in the world.


High temperatures and air pollution affect worker productivity

Research has shown that rising temperatures and increased air pollution can negatively impact worker productivity, reducing the hours during which people can effectively perform their jobs. Industries that regularly expose workers to heat, such as construction, agriculture, or landscaping, are considered “high risk.” Especially in this scenario; Studies have shown that workers in these industries are vulnerable to reducing work hours when temperatures rise to levels exceeding 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and even the few workers who consistently leave work early can create huge negative impacts on the economy, which also affects the profitability of businesses with “risk.” High".

To protect workers from these factors, companies need to consider implementing policies and incentive measures that help employees continue to work despite climate challenges.


Workplaces should be created as climate-controlled as possible, and in industries where this is not an option, employers may often consider increased wages as a form of incentive. In addition, if a company contributes to climate change as a whole, it also becomes part of the long-term solution to the root problem of climate change.

The idea of "going green" has opened many climate investment opportunities within cities, and the World Bank has issued studies on how to stimulate private investment in climate-smart cities. Companies are an essential contributor to strengthening the economic infrastructure of the cities in which they are located, which in turn helps build better resilience to extreme weather events. People are looking to shift towards cities that offer more favorable climates throughout the year.


Classification of cities based on their climate

With this demand in mind, here are the 25 cities with the best year-round climate in the world. To compile the list of cities with the best year-round climate, the 2021 STC Climate Index was taken into account by the Global Accommodation Index.

By taking an average of several years, cities were ranked based on several factors, such as the number of months between 64.4°F and 86°F, the number of days above 89.6°F, and the number of days below 32°F.

Using such metrics, cities are ranked on an index from 0 to 1, where 1 represents the ideal climate to live in , and the temperature range has been adjusted with ideal temperatures for “workdays” rather than “holiday days” in mind.


25 cities with the best climate in the world throughout the year

Dakhla, Morocco

Climate index: 0.96

The city of Dakhla in Morocco tops the list of cities with the best climate in the world throughout the year. Despite having a temperate desert climate, it is a very comfortable city, with only 12 days with temperatures exceeding 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dakhla is characterized by stable wind speeds, and the proximity to water contributes to effective temperature regulation. The secret of its atmosphere is to benefit from the perfect balance between the desert climate and the influence of sea salinity.


Dakhla - Morocco - Climate change - Arabia weatherDakhla, Morocco - Image source: Booking


Los Angeles, USA

Climate index: 0.93

What sets Los Angeles apart is its consistent weather throughout the year, primarily due to long-term weather patterns influenced by the presence of the ocean to the west and the desert mountains to the east. Los Angeles is a destination characterized by wonderful weather conditions throughout the year throughout the twelve months.


Los Angeles - Climate change - Arabia Weather



Praia, Cape Verde

Climate index: 0.92

Praia ranks among the cities with the best climate in the world throughout the year, with all months generally recording temperatures between 64.4°F and 86°F. This climate attracts tourists to the area again and again due to the long sunshine without a noticeable rise in humidity, making Praia a special tropical place.


Praia - Cape Verde - Climate change - Arabia Weather


Nairobi, Kenya

Climate index: 0.89

Despite the common image that most African cities are hot, things are different in Nairobi. The climate here is characterized by moderation and sustainability, with winter and summer occurring in very short periods, with regular temperatures throughout the year. Thanks to this pleasant balance, Nairobi is considered one of the cities with the best climate in Africa throughout the year.


Nairobi Kenya - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Mexico City, Mexico

Climate index: 0.88

Mexico City, located 7,350 feet above sea level, has a distinct climate due to its location surrounded by mountains on three sides. This location means the city has pleasant summers and relatively mild winters, keeping temperatures moderate throughout the year. Therefore, Mexico City's climate is considered ideal by many.


Mexico City - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Johannesburg, South Africa

Climate index: 0.86

Johannesburg's climate is mainly summer-dominated, although summers are not excessively hot or humid. The area enjoys large amounts of sunlight throughout the year. The summer season combines warm and rainy days in a balanced manner, giving the city a balanced climate throughout the year.



Johannesburg, South Africa - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Luanda, Angola

Climate index: 0.86

In Luanda, the influence of the cold Benguela Current plays a major role in regulating temperatures. This current prevents moisture from condensing into heavy rain, giving the region a relatively dry climate. In addition, the cool ocean breeze retains moisture reasonably well, which contributes to the city's climate being somewhat tropical.


Luanda, Angola - Arabia Weather - Climate change


Lima, Peru

Climate index: 0.85

Although Lima is considered one of the largest desert cities in the world, the influence of the cold Humboldt Current coming from the waters of Peru and Chile plays an important role in regulating temperatures. This current contributes to maintaining moderate temperatures during the winter and moderate coolness during the summer.


Lima, Peru - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Santiago, Chile

Climate index: 0.85

Evenings in Santiago are usually cooler, even during the summer months, and winters can get rainy. But average summer temperatures do not exceed 67.1 degrees Fahrenheit, making the overall climate fairly mild. This diversity makes Santiago one of the best climate cities in South America.


Santiago - Chile - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Cape Town, South Africa

Climate index: 0.84

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate with high amounts of rainfall from June to August. However, the temperatures are not extremely extreme, making the city an ideal place for various activities throughout the year, whether in winter or summer.


Cape Town South Africa ArabiaWeather - ArabiaWeather


Limassol, Cyprus

Climate index: 0.84

Limassol is considered one of the best cities in terms of climate, as the weather remains mild throughout the year with almost always sunny days. This ideal climate is a great advantage for those seeking an outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle.


Limassol - arabia weather - climate change


Lisbon, Portugal

Climate index: 0.83

Lisbon is located on what is known as the Gulf Stream, meaning that the city does not experience fluctuating seasons. The weather in Lisbon remains pleasant and mild throughout the year, especially in the spring and fall months. This moderate climate makes Lisbon one of the most popular cities among tourists, where people can enjoy their activities at any time of the year.


Lisbon, Portugal - Arabia Weather


Casablanca, Morocco

Climate index: 0.83

The moderate temperature in Casablanca depends on the influence of the cold Atlantic Ocean currents. The city's rainfall pattern follows a Mediterranean pattern, with almost no rainfall during the summer months, and winter rains being moderate. Spring and fall are warm and pleasant, making Casablanca a year-round destination.


Casablanca, Morocco - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Climate index: 0.81

Guatemala City has warm, spring-like temperatures year-round. This is partly due to the city's high elevation. Thermal differences remain very small between the hot and cold seasons, as temperatures on the warmest days can reach around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This pleasant climate makes Guatemala an attractive destination all year round.


Guatemala - Arabia Weather - Climate change


Beirut, Lebanon

Climate index: 0.79

Beirut has a subtropical climate, with relatively clear winters and summers. Although there are separate seasons, the temperatures remain pleasant throughout the year without becoming too extreme. This is what makes Beirut ranked 15th on the list of cities with the best climate in the world throughout the year.


Beirut - Lebanon - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Montevideo, Uruguay

Climate index: 0.79

Montevideo has a moderate climate, with warm summers that make the water suitable for swimming. The city occasionally experiences afternoon thunderstorms during the summer months, causing temporary weather changes.

The city experiences good rainfall, with an average of about eight to ten days a month. However, non-rainy days offer a large amount of sunshine. These factors help give Montevideo the perfect balance between swimming and soaking up the sun.


Montevideo - Arabia Weather - Climate change


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Climate index: 0.79

Addis Ababa has a subtropical climate, where summer temperatures are warm but not hot, while winters are very mild.

There are slight variations in temperature throughout the year, although rainfall increases from June to September, which can be considered the monsoon months.


Addis Baba Ethiopia - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Caracas, Venezuela

Climate index: 0.77

Although Caracas is located in a tropical region, its high altitude location gives it a vernal climate all year round. The city is much cooler than most areas of the country, offering a diverse range of temperatures.

Any given day can be hotter or rainier than another, so there is little variation in the weather.


Caracas Venezuela - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Ammaan Jordan

Climate index: 0.77

The average high temperature in Amman is 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and while some other areas of the country can be hotter, the capital has relatively cooler weather in the summer due to lower humidity levels.


Amman - Jordan - Climate change - Arabia Weather


Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Climate index: 0.77

Tegucigalpa offers a mild climate throughout the year with very moderate variations. This makes it an ideal destination for individuals looking for stability in the weather. Tegucigalpa is also known for its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and is one of the cities with the best climate in the world all year round.


Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Arabia Weather - Climate Change



Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Climate index: 0.77

Gibraltar is known for its tourist beauty and is very popular thanks to its mild weather. August is the warmest month in the region, with an average temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The Rock of Gibraltar is one of the main elements that protects the region from extreme weather fluctuations in the winter and summer.


Gibraltar - Arabia Weather - Climate Change


Barcelona, Spain

Climate index: 0.76

Barcelona continues to be ranked as one of the best cities to live in Spain, and the weather contributes greatly to this rating. August is usually the warmest month, with temperatures generally reaching 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The weather in Barcelona is moderate throughout the year, making it one of the cities with the best climate.


Barcelona - Climate change - Arabia Weather


Cairo Egypt

Climate index: 0.76

Cairo is a wonderful city because it combines the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate with those of a desert climate.

The constant element throughout the year is little rain, characterized by limited rainfall. The winter months in Cairo are very pleasant, apart from the low temperatures.


Cairo - Egypt - Climate change


Algiers, Algeria Climate index: 0.75

Although many believe that Algiers has a desert climate, the city stays within the range of 64.4°F to 86°F from March to November. This is the general trend, with the exception of August, which tends to have a significant rise in temperatures.

Unlike other parts of Algeria, Algiers has all seasons of the year, and rain is common, giving the city a cool climate with hot sunshine.


Algeria - Arabia Weather - Climate change


San Francisco, USA

Climate index: 0.74

San Francisco's pleasant weather is mainly due to the city's proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures generally remain moderate, making it one of the best American cities that enjoy an ideal climate throughout the year.

The city is known for its Mediterranean climate, with the exception of hot and dry summers, which remain mild thanks to the influence of the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Arabia Weather - San Francisco - Climate change



Source: greenfue

This article was written originally in Arabic and is translated using a 3rd party automated service. ArabiaWeather is not responsible for any grammatical errors whatsoever.
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