7 things you should know before visiting Jordan

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رنا السيلاوي
رنا السيلاوي
محرر أخبار - قسم التواصل الاجتماعي

Weather of Arabia - Some people may want to keep details of their travel destination unknown so that their trip is full of excitement and exploration, but some basics are important to be ready to experience a new country and culture for you. If you are planning to travel to Jordan, we will tell you 7 things you need to know before embarking on your trip .


1. Jordan is a safe country

Jordan has land borders with: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and Syria, and despite Jordan's location in a troubled part of the world, you will never feel insecure anywhere in Jordan, as security is a priority that the competent authorities seek to ensure, and this is the merit of God Almighty, and we ask Him, Glory be to Him, to prevail security and safety in all Arab countries.


2. Honor and respect are two basic elements in Jordanian society

The Jordanian people are naturally very friendly and hospitable. The majority of Jordanians consider customs and traditions very important, but they understand that foreign visitors may inadvertently break accepted etiquette in society. However, if Jordanians see foreign visitors making a remarkable effort to maintain these societal behaviors, they win a great deal of approval in their hearts.

Family is one of the foundations of Jordanian society, so if you find yourself sipping a cup of tea hosted by a local family, this is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. In addition, this experience will teach you about the local culture firsthand!


3. Dining tables in Jordan

Jordanians, like people in the Middle East in general, attach great importance to food. You will make sure of this when you visit Jordan and taste the deliciousness of its various dishes!

Enjoy the delicious Jordanian cuisine within the Jordanian hospitality, which is famous in the world, to live an unforgettable experience with every meal you eat.

Food in Jordan goes beyond the need for food, as it carries with it a social dimension and represents the culture of society as a whole. This concept is evident among the Jordanian people, as lunch is the main meal of the day in Jordan, and its enjoyment is not complete without sharing the meal with loved ones...and Mansaf for sure!


Visit Jordan and taste the distinctive dishes - details from here


4. Religion in Jordan

Jordan values the ethnic and religious diversity that permeates its being, and therefore, it maintains the cultural rights of all its citizens. This spirit of tolerance and acceptance is the main factor in establishing peace and stability in Jordan. More than 92% of the Jordanian people are Muslims, and about 8% are Christians. There are also some Shiite and Druze minorities in Jordan.

Jordan is an Islamic country, and this is what enables one to discover the principles of this monotheistic religion when interacting directly with its people, the majority of whom belong to it.

Tip: Jordanians use the phrase “as-salamu alaikum” to say hello in a friendly way, so feel free to use it.


5. The month of Ramadan in Jordan

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the joyful occasions in Jordan, as it is the month of fasting, devotion and generosity. The dates of the month change every year, according to the Islamic lunar calendar.

The working hours of shops, banks and official institutions are shorter during the day in Ramadan, but most shops, cafes and restaurants open their doors throughout the night for those who wish to stay up late.


6. According to the prevailing customs in Jordan, you must do the following:

  • Hand in hand when meeting people. Conservative men or women may not extend their hand of peace to the opposite sex, but rather place the right hand on the chest as a greeting.
  • Stand when greeting people.
  • Shake your cup to the sides as a sign that you are satisfied and do not want more coffee.
  • Raise your cup as a sign that you want more.
  • Accept the Arabic coffee offered to you by your host, as this is a sign of his hospitality.
  • Carry enough change with you, as many Jordanians do not carry enough change with them.
  • Tip the waiter 10% of the bill (unless the bill includes a service charge).
  • Round the taxi fare to the nearest 10 when paying the driver.
  • Negotiate with merchants when shopping.
  • Dress conservatively when walking around public areas in Jordan.
  • You may drink alcoholic beverages, but not outside the appropriate areas.
  • Men are required to sit in the front seat when boarding a taxi as a sign of respect.
  • Women are required to sit in the back seat when riding in a taxi as a sign of respect.
  • Give way to the elderly and women on public transport.

7. Among the customs prevalent in Jordan, you should avoid the following:

  • Do not interrupt a Muslim praying in a public place, and do not pass in front of him.
  • Do not openly eat, drink or smoke in public places during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Do not be alarmed if your host insists on overfeeding you while you are eating with him, as the Arabs consider food an important symbol of hospitality, generosity and familiarity. Increasing food is a positive thing in this case.
  • You are not obligated to tip the taxi driver, a tip is unnecessary in this case, but if you wanted to do so willingly it would be a nice gesture.


Visit Jordan and learn about the local culture and hospitality - details here


This article was written originally in Arabic and is translated using a 3rd party automated service. ArabiaWeather is not responsible for any grammatical errors whatsoever.
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