Apple launches virtual reality glasses... and strange behavior is sweeping the streets because of them

2024-02-07 2024-02-07T12:26:45Z
ندى ماهر عبدربه
ندى ماهر عبدربه
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ArabiaWeather - On Friday, Apple stores in the United States are witnessing a large turnout from technology lovers and those interested in it, as they line up in lines to test the new “Vision Pro” glasses.

These glasses, which combine augmented and virtual reality experiences, are sold at a price starting at $3,499 , which was described as “exorbitant.” Jose Carlos, a young engineer working on the “Uber” platform, expressed his enthusiasm to try the glasses, indicating that he would use them at work and while traveling. He pointed out that the price is high, but he is willing to pay it to be among the first to try it and test its application ideas.

Social media platforms pioneers shared video clips monitoring the arrival of the first buyers and testers of the new technological glasses to Apple stores, with one of them describing his visit at five in the morning to the Apple Store in New York as an exciting experience amidst the applause of the employees.

Vision Pro glasses from Apple are widely popular, despite controversy over their usefulness and price

An article in the New York Times noted that Apple's Vision Pro product is impressive, as it took many years and billions of dollars in investment to develop. However, there is still a lack of clarity about who will use it and for what purpose.

After criticism received by “Apple” due to the lack of applications available on “Vision Pro”, as the last number was estimated at about 150 applications, the company announced that the number of applications had risen to more than 600, which was confirmed by Apple’s Vice President of Relations with Developers in the World, Susan. Prescott, stressing that these applications will change the way we enjoy entertainment, music and games.

Regarding the statements of Apple CEO Tim Cook that “Vision Pro” is a revolutionary device that is years ahead of its competitors, some consider that augmented reality glasses and virtual or mixed reality helmets are not new.

The "Meta" group, a competitor to "Apple" in Silicon Valley, has contributed significantly to the development of this market through its products such as "Quest" helmets and "Ray-Ban" smart glasses connected to the Internet. "Meta" president, Mark Zuckerberg, believes that "the Metaverse ", which combines the physical and digital environments, will be the future of the Internet.

Strange behavior is sweeping the streets due to virtual reality glasses

One of the strangest situations we witnessed was the behavior of a person who decided to wear virtual reality glasses while driving a Tesla car, but the police quickly drew the attention of this irresponsible behavior, and they stopped him, and the US Department of Transportation was quick to issue a strong warning in response to such behavior, after... Video clips have spread on social media platforms showing Tesla drivers driving their cars using virtual reality glasses newly developed by Apple.

The Minister of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, posted a video clip on the “X” social platform on Monday documenting another incident of a Tesla truck driver wearing virtual reality glasses, moving away from the steering wheel while driving on a crowded road, while emphasizing the need for the driver to be fully responsible for driving. He must be focused on this task at all times.

Concern about this behavior escalated after other videos appeared on the Internet showing people driving their cars, wearing the new glasses developed by Apple, while leaving their hands away from the steering wheel. Although these glasses were developed for use in remote work or in offices, Apple... She emphasized that they should never be used while driving.

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