Earth Hour.. Why do the lights go out all over the world?

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ندى ماهر عبدربه
ندى ماهر عبدربه
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Arabia Weather - In the origin of man and his place in the universe, his primary home lies on planet Earth, where all aspects of life flourish and continue.

Therefore, a person must appreciate this planet and work to preserve its natural resources, and avoid wasting or destroying them. Hence came the environmental movements, slogans, and conferences calling for the sustainability of resources and their preservation for future generations, especially in light of industrial and urban development, which has contributed greatly to environmental pollution and environmental imbalance. In this article, we will talk about Earth Hour, which is a popular movement that aims to protect the environment. .

What is Earth Hour?

Answer: Earth Hour was launched in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and is a global initiative organized annually by the World Wide Fund for Nature. This initiative aims to encourage individuals, families and businesses to turn off lights and electronic devices for one hour, starting from 08:30 pm until 09:30 pm local time of any country .

The initiative goes beyond simply turning off the lights, as environmental awareness is promoted through social media, and institutions and companies are invited to educate their employees about the importance of climate change and carry out various activities in this context.

The great benefit of individuals’ participation in Earth Hour is due to its impact on global decisions and important legislative changes related to the environment, as it represents an opportunity to unite voices and highlight environmental and climate change issues at the global level. In Earth Hour 2024, the whole world comes together to confront environmental challenges and biodiversity loss, and the importance of this event is highlighted in dealing with current environmental challenges and ensuring the sustainability of the planet for future generations.

What are the goals of Earth Hour?

Answer: The goals of Earth Hour are mainly to encourage people around the world to take initiatives to rationalize daily electricity and water consumption, in addition to preserving the environment and spreading awareness to protect the Earth. This initiative has now become one of the largest environmental events in the world, with millions of people participating in more than From countries around the world with the aim of starting international talks and initiatives to protect nature and combat the climate crisis, with the aim of ensuring our health, happiness, prosperity and survival.

Earth Hour 2024 seeks to make nature the primary focus of global conversations, and participants believe in their effective role in influencing upcoming decisions, and demonstrating the importance of the environment and the future of nature to decision-makers around the world to take urgent action to protect nature.

One of the achievements made possible by Earth Hour is the establishment of the world's first Earth Hour Forest in Uganda with support from the World Wide Fund for Nature, in addition to other important projects around the world, such as the approval of a project on marine protected areas in Argentina, the distribution of eco-stoves in Madagascar, and the installation of... Solar lights in India, reducing deforestation in Paraguay, numerous educational programs for schools in countries such as Thailand and Taiwan, installation of LED lights in the USA, as well as championing the idea of better protection of seas and forests in Russia.

When is Earth Hour 2024?

Answer: If you are wondering when Earth Hour 2024 is , it will be on Saturday , March 23, 2024, at 08:30 PM your local time wherever you are.

This year, a video of the event including the Earth Hour logo will be published on the official website, and can be shared on all social media.

This year's Earth Hour carries the slogan "Together towards the Greatest Earth Hour," according to the Earth Hour Organization, which indicated that participation last year included more than 190 countries and regions in the world, and the total number of hours reached 410,000 hours, which is a very large number. The organization seeks to increase participation this year to achieve greater impact in protecting the environment and land.

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