Internet outage from the world: Rumor or reality? What if the Internet really stopped working?

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طقس العرب
طقس العرب
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Weather of Arabia - News of the Internet outage at the beginning of October recently topped social media platforms and websites, sparking intense controversy among the pioneers of these platforms, between confirmation and denial. This came after NASA warned of a possible solar storm during the month of October, which would lead to this outage. Due to the effect of solar winds on Earth, which causes malfunctions and problems in all wireless communications networks, in addition to satellites and electricity networks.

What is a solar storm?

Solar storms are disturbances of the Earth's magnetic field resulting from solar activity, often including intense solar flares and corona mass eruptions (CMEs). When these solar phenomena reach Earth, they interact with the Earth's magnetic field, causing fluctuations and disturbances called "geomagnetic storms."

This interaction involves distortion of the Earth's magnetic field lines, and particles emitted by the Sun during these energetic states can penetrate the magnetic field and enter the Earth's upper atmosphere. This can cause phenomena such as aurora borealis at lower latitudes than normal, and disruptions to power grids, satellite communications, and navigation systems. In some rare cases, these storms can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

Solar storms are usually classified according to their intensity, and the most severe storms are classified as G5, and their effects vary based on factors such as the intensity of solar activity and the state of the Earth's magnetic field.

The current solar cycle will reach its peak in 2025 and is expected to be one of the strongest solar cycles

What is the truth about the global Internet outage during October 2023?

Rumors have spread across social media claiming that the world's internet will be completely cut off by October 10, 2023 due to an expected severe solar storm. This speculation came at a time when NASA warned of the possibility of a solar storm. However, it should be noted that solar storms of this intensity are very rare, and two cases of this type were recorded previously, in 1859 and 1921. In addition, it is difficult to predict the exact timing and occurrence of these storms.

The effect of the solar storm of 1859 on Earth

In 1859, Earth witnessed a rare and famous astronomical event known as the Carrington Event. A strong solar storm caused widespread repercussions on terrestrial communications, with severe damage recorded. Its impact was not limited to that, as the effect of the storm was also evident in the appearance of a radiant and amazing aurora throughout the world. This event occurred before the expected peak of the tenth solar cycle at that time. It had a major impact on the telegraph communication system in some areas.

What would happen if the Internet stopped working in the world?

If the Internet stops working in the world completely and for a long period of time, it will have major and multiple impacts on various aspects of economic, social, and personal life. Here are some of these potential impacts.

  • Economy : Many businesses and industries today depend heavily on the Internet, so the interruption of the Internet will lead to the disruption of many companies and digital services such as e-commerce, banks, and technology companies, which in turn will lead to the loss of various jobs and a collapse in the financial markets.
  • Distance education : The internet shutdown will have a major impact on students and teachers who rely on distance teaching, and educational activities may be completely disrupted.
  • Remote work : Remote work will not be possible at all in the absence of the Internet
  • Communications and social media : The internet shutdown will lead to the cessation of all social media platforms and modern means of communication around the world
  • Mental health : Internet shutdowns may have a negative impact on the psyche after losing contact and communication via the Internet
  • Social and cultural life : Many social and cultural activities that rely on the Internet will stop
  • National Security : Internet shutdowns will also disrupt government and national security systems

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