March is the father of earthquakes and rains.. This is how he was called in popular proverbs

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اصدقاء طقس العرب
اصدقاء طقس العرب
مشاركات مجتمع طقس العرب عبر "أرسل خبراً"

Weather of Arabia - Saad Al-Bukhari - March is the third month (3) of the months of the Gregorian year, according to the Syriac names, and it corresponds to it in the Western designation, the month of March.

The month of March in the Levant was associated with heritage, folk tales, and proverbs to tell us about the weather conditions. Our folk tales, which our ancestors told us, had the pleasure of telling.
These sayings and proverbs were able to reflect the great experiences that the ancestors went through. As for the likes of March, there are many in the Levant, and its stories are great, including:

Hide your seniors for your uncle March.

Where it was believed among the people that the cold of winter ends in the month of February, so that they would be surprised by a severe cold in the month of March.
This popular proverb came from the ancestors to warn people against removing carpets, heaters and winter clothes, and hiding firewood or what is needed for the cold of March.
And they said about March:

  • March is the father of earthquakes and rains, with the acid of milk and the sprouting of camels and the opening of the neck and the stalk, and the eggs of the horns and the youngest birds, and the shepherd will be showered and warm without fire.
  • In March, day and night are equal.
  • The big coals fade away from the waste of March.
  • In old March, fire does not separate.
  • And the old woman throws the shard at the door of the house, and the beginning of it is a shard and the end of it is fire.
  • March has seven big snows other than the young.
  • March thunderbolts and rain.
  • March is an hour of sunshine and an hour of rain.
  • March sun and rain and dry shepherd without fire.
  • In March, the stoves were placed at the door of the house.
  • Every thunder in the rain of Benisan.
  • Plowed in March if torrent Karrar.
  • March is uprooting trees.
  • In March, the league nests and leaves the trees.
  • In March, your cows came out of the house.
  • In March, wean your son, even if he may be shinnar.
  • March let go of his mind and flew.
  • The tooth of olives is in March, and they wrap a visitor for him.
  • The grass in March has the ears of the mouse.
  • In March, the trees salute.
  • In March, the roses will open, button by button.
  • If fertilized behind her in March, and if she became pregnant behind her in March.
  • If March is over, whoever is Omar is Omar, and whoever is righteous is righteous.

This year, it is astronomically expected that the blessed month of Ramadan for this year 2023 will begin on Thursday, March 23, provided that the crescent of the month will be sighted after sunset on Tuesday, Shaaban 29 1444 AH, corresponding to March 21, 2023.

And it passes in March Saad Al-Saud and Saad Al-Khabaya, and in March it will be the first day of the spring season, as Tuesday, March 21 of the year 2023 coincides with the first day of the spring season. Some rituals are held to celebrate the arrival of spring in some countries, and on this day the length of the day is equal to the length of the night, as well as the sunrise begins for the first time in the North Pole after a 6-month-long night.

And the sunset begins for the first time in the Antarctic after a day of 6 months

The month of March reminds us of several memories, including the memory of Earth Day, which falls on March 30 of each year, and the memory of the Battle of Karama on March 21. Also, the second day of March of each year was designated as the day of the city of Amman, in the context of celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state. .

We note mentioning the saying of March, the father of earthquakes, that it is just hearsay with no evidence of its validity, and after referring to the history of earthquakes in the region, the earthquakes that occurred in the region during the month of March are the Near East Tabuk earthquake March 18, 1068, the Shahim earthquake, the Chouf district, Lebanon, March 16, 1956, earthquake Sharm el-Sheikh, March 31, 1969.

Oh God, let us reach Ramadan, neither lost nor lost.

Oh God, do not kill us with your anger, and do not destroy us with your torment, and heal us before that.

Saad Al-Bukhari - March 1, 2023

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