Panorama of weather around the world for the year 2020

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Arab Weather - During the year 2020, the world witnessed many influential events, some of which caused destruction and caused damage that may extend for years, others brought goodness, and other events that did not pass without leaving a distinctive trace in memory, and below we review the most prominent events that have passed on the world during The last twelve months of 2020:


Highlights of January 2020 events

  • Australia fires

A series of fires broke out in Australia's forests that lasted until January of 2020 AD, as the fires covered large parts of Australia's forests, forming huge smoke clouds that extended over most areas, and caused great losses to the country, and the states of New South Wales and Victoria were the most affected states, Over 2,000 homes were destroyed and thousands of people displaced.

  • East Turkey earthquake

A devastating earthquake measuring 6.7 degrees eastern Turkey, causing the deaths of at least 31 people and injured more than 1,600 people.



  • A great absence of snow in most regions of the European continent except for high mountain areas


  • Continuous rains, almost without interruptions, in the Kingdom and the rest of the Levant

Although the rains of the fall of 2019 AD were generally scarce in many regions of the Levant, the period of Al-Murabaniyah, specifically the month of January, was heavy rain, as the rains fell on a daily or almost daily basis in many areas, which caused the formation of torrents and floods, as well as Snow fell on more than one occasion on the mountains of Syria and Lebanon, the southern regions of Jordan (the Tafila Mountains, al-Sharah and Wadi Rum) and some northern highlands, in addition to the snowfall in northern Saudi Arabia.


Highlights of February 2020

  • Severe winters, cold waves and snow in large parts of the northern hemisphere

Winter was harsh in the Northern Hemisphere throughout February with more snowfall and cold waves recorded in many regions of the world.

in Turkey

About 70 villages in southeast Turkey are buried under meters of snow.

Two avalanches killed 41 people in the eastern part of Turkey, including some rescue teams that went to the region to rescue people trapped in the avalanche.


In Africa

Hundreds killed due to severe rains and floods in East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda)


in Iraq

Rare and historical snow affects Iraq, including the capital, Baghdad, and a very large accumulation of snow in Iran


in Jordan

Snow in southern Jordan, and a wave of frost and ice affecting some regions of the Kingdom.


Highlights of the month of March 2020

  • Thunderstorms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi witnessed strong thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy hail


  • The storm of the Levant and Egypt

A storm hit large parts of the Levant and Egypt (it was called in some media the Dragon Storm), and the storm caused heavy rain and strong winds that caused great damage to plantations, and caused waves to rise in the Gulf of Aqaba by about 2 meters and form torrents due to heavy rain Incessant.


  • Croatia earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 shook the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and caused damage to many buildings and caused great material damage, especially in old buildings in the historic center of the city, and caused many injuries among humans.


Highlights of the month of April 2020

  • Snow of Tajikistan

April saw heavy snowfall in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, for the first time in 26 years


  • Snow storm in North America

A rare snowstorm in mid-spring hit southeastern Canada and northeastern regions of the United States of America, bringing heavy snow with an accumulation of 20-60 cm, which led to the closure of schools and power outages for more than 50 thousand people.


  • Snow storm in northern Europe

A snowstorm hit Scandinavia, as if it were from the depth of winter


  • Landslides in Indonesia

Heavy rains in Indonesia have caused dangerous landslides.


  • Dust storm in Ukraine and Belarus

A rare dust storm hit parts of Ukraine and Belarus, blocking vision in many streets, and winds reached between 15-20 m / s.


  • Seoul of Yemen

Torrential torrents have struck various parts of Yemen, including Sana'a and Aden, causing dozens of deaths.


  • Rain, torrents and cold in Saudi Arabia

Various parts of Saudi Arabia witnessed aerial instability and flash floods.


Hail storm in Al-Qassim Saudi Arabia


  • The high level of the Sea of Galilee

After years of deficiency and drought, the Sea of Galilee was recorded to rise and fill completely for the first time since 1992


  • Seoul in different parts of Oman

Several regions of the Sultanate of Oman were affected by the floods that swept the roads.



Highlights of May 2020 events

  • Serduba dam collapse in Uzbekistan

The collapse of the Serduba Dam in Uzbekistan killed 4 people and evacuated 90,000 people due to the floodwaters that inundated two villages of the Kazakh Turkestan region.


  • Floods in Pakistan

The floods inundated the roads and streets of the Pakistani city of Karachi due to heavy rains.



  • Torrential torrents in Jizan, Saudi Arabia

The mountainous heights of Jizan were subjected to heavy rainfalls, which caused the flow of torrents in the valley of Jura in Dayr Bani Malik, until the water level rose and overflowed in the city roads and caused some damage, as the torrents swept away a number of vehicles and raided the buildings, and it was a historic day in the memory of the people of the region.


  • Huge Typhoon Fung Fung hits the Philippine Islands

Typhoon Fung Fung caused massive damage in several towns in the eastern Philippines, killing at least one person, destroying hundreds of corona isolation facilities, in addition to destroying roads, homes and fields of rice and corn, and caused the evacuation of more than 200,000 people from their homes.



  • A tropical storm affects parts of the Sultanate of Oman and causes torrents in Dhofar

Areas of the Sultanate of Oman were affected by a tropical storm that caused heavy rains accompanied by active to very fast winds, which led to the flow of torrents very quickly and cut off roads, and the waves reached a height of 4-5 meters, and the tropical storm caused the death of 3 people, in addition to several injuries.


Highlights of the month of June 2020


Torrential torrents after heavy rain in the Turkish capital, Ankara


Heavy hailstorms hit Greece at the gates of summer


Floods hit the Russian capital, Moscow


Extensive and devastating floods in large parts of China


Torrential floods and heavy losses in Abidjan - Ivory Coast




Highlights of the month of July 2020


Hundreds of workers were killed after a mine collapsed due to heavy rains in Myanmar


The devastating and widespread floods continued in China, and were described as the worst floods in Chinese history


Thunderbolt strikes a young soccer player in Russia


Floods in the Romanian capital, Bucharest


Strong torrents in the city of Taif in Saudi Arabia


Torrential torrents and the killing of dozens in Karachi-Pakistan



Highlights of August 2020


A historic heat wave in the Levant at the end of August


Extensive forest fires in California - United States of America


Historic flooding of the Nile River in Sudan and the destruction of a large number of neighborhoods and homes


Eruption of Sinabung volcano in Indonesia


Seoul and severe hailstorms in Spain and Italy


Strong floods in Jaipur, India


Strong floods in Thailand




Highlights of September 2020


The continuation of the blazing heat wave in Jordan and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean


Aqaba records the highest temperature in the entire globe on 5-9-2020, when the temperature reached 48.5 Celsius


Smoke looms over the city of San Francisco due to raging fires in California


Strong torrents in parts of eastern Algeria and Tunisia


Strong torrents in Al-Ula - Saudi Arabia


Floods in Senegal


Huge landslide in Kyrgyzstan


Extensive fires in the mountains of Taif - Saudi Arabia


Sudan declares Khartoum a disaster city due to the continuous flooding of the Nile River




Highlights of October 2020

  • Strong torrents in France and Italy

Areas of France and Italy witnessed torrential rain and winds of up to 150 km / hour with the arrival of Storm Alex, which hit the western coast of France before reaching northern Italy, which led to the occurrence of massive torrents that swept the roads and caused landslides and caused damage to homes and injuries. mankind.


  • An early snow wave in Poland

An early snow wave swept across the city of Zakopane, Poland, and lasted for several days, with a total snow accumulation of 317 cm.


  • Earthquake hits Iceland amid a session of the House of Representatives

An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter near the city of Christovik, south of the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, struck many people without causing any injuries.


  • Tornado water hit the port of Beirut

A water tornado (or what is known as the sea dragon) hit the port of Beirut.


  • Strong hailstorms in Libya

The Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the city of Misurata witnessed a strong thunderstorm, during which hail pellets fell in large sizes, some of which reached 20 cm in diameter, in addition to strong winds and torrential torrents, and the hail pills shattered car windows and caused great damage without causing casualties.


  • A strong earthquake hits western Turkey and the Greek islands

A devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7 struck the Aegean Sea, 17 kilometers off the coast of the Turkish city of Izmir, and the depth of the earthquake was 16 kilometers, as people felt the earthquake throughout the region, including in Istanbul, the Greek islands and even the capital Athens, and the earthquake caused Dozens of buildings collapsed, and the number of victims exceeded a hundred and hundreds were wounded.


  • Tsunami hits some Greek islands and the western city of Izmir in Turkey after the earthquake

The earthquake that struck the Aegean Sea off the city of Izmir caused a tsunami that led to a partial tsunami on the Greek island of Samos and parts of the Turkish city of Izmir.


  • Forest fires in Tanuma, southwestern Saudi Arabia

A huge fire broke out in the forests of Jabal Ghalama in Tanuma Governorate, in the Asir region, in southern Saudi Arabia. The fire spread over a wide area after the winds helped spread it, and thick smoke rose over the sky.



Highlights of the month of November 2020

  • Heavy rain and torrential rains in Makkah

The region of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and the Holy Haram witnessed heavy rains that led to the flow of torrents.


  • Seoul sailed and north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia


  • Strong Typhoon Goni hits the Philippines

The strong cyclone Goni hit the Philippines, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, with winds reaching a maximum of 195 miles per hour, and the cyclone crossed densely populated areas, affecting between 19 - 31 million people, especially those who live in danger areas and in The capital, Manila.


  • Strong floods in eastern Brazil

Heavy rains in the city of Sanharo, in the northeastern province of Pernambuco, led to the declaration of a state of emergency and the displacement of hundreds of people after floods inundated large parts of the city, and caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure.


  • Torrential and catastrophic floods in Spain

Torrential torrents swept through several regions in Spain, flooded large areas of the Valencia region, and caused great damage in several cities, as well as agricultural crops and infrastructure.


  • Strong torrents in Al-Bayda - Libya

The torrential rains that fell on the city of Al-Bayda in Libya caused floods to rush to the outskirts of the city, which led to the closure of roads, and most neighborhoods turned into large pools of water, which led to the imposition of a curfew.


  • The devastating Hurricane Utah hits the Caribbean islands and parts of Central and South America

A Category 5 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale hit the southwestern Caribbean regions near the coast of northeastern Nicaragua, where the maximum wind speed reached 260 km / h and brought catastrophic effects on Central America, and the hurricane caused devastating floods across America Central and Southern regions, where 40 people died and hundreds of thousands were forced to flee their homes due to mudslides.



  • Strong snowstorms hit northeast China

Heavy snow covered several regions in northeast China, disrupting traffic, closing schools, and causing some damage to trees and crops.



Highlights of the month of December 2020

  • Historic snow in Pakistan

Northern Pakistan witnessed record snowfall, which prompted many tourists to flock to these areas to enjoy the snow, while people and some livestock were trapped under the snow, and the snow height in some areas reached 60-90 cm, which led to the closure of some roads.




This article was written originally in Arabic and is translated using a 3rd party automated service. ArabiaWeather is not responsible for any grammatical errors whatsoever.

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