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Q: how many Arab countries are there?

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Last update 2022.06.21

There are 22 Arab countries distributed geographically between Asia and Africa, as follows:

  • There are 12 countries in Asia, which are:
  1. Palestine (with Jerusalem as its capital)
  2. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (with Amman as its capital)
  3. Lebanon (and its capital is Beirut)
  4. Syrian Arab Republic (with Damascus as its capital)
  5. Republic of Iraq (with Baghdad as its capital)
  6. Qatar (and its capital, Doha)
  7. United Arab Emirates (and its capital is Abu Dhabi)
  8. Kuwait (and its capital is Kuwait)
  9. Kingdom of Bahrain (and its capital is Manama)
  10. Sultanate of Oman (and its capital is Muscat)
  11. Republic of Yemen (with its capital Sana'a)
  12. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (with its capital Riyadh)


  • Africa has 10 countries, which are:
  1. Arab Republic of Egypt (with Cairo as its capital)
  2. Libya (with Tripoli as its capital)
  3. Republic of Sudan (and its capital is Khartoum)
  4. Somalia (and its capital is Mogadishu)
  5. Democratic Republic of Algeria (with Algeria as its capital)
  6. Tunis (and its capital is Tunis)
  7. Kingdom of Morocco (and its capital is Rabat)
  8. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania (with Nouakchott as its capital)
  9. Djibouti (and its capital is Djibouti)
  10. Comoros (the capital is Moroni)
how many Arab countries are there?