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Q: What are the factors on which the air temperature depends?

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Last update 2021.10.21

Temperature is one of the important elements in determining the weather and climate on Earth, so meteorologists are interested in measuring the air temperature periodically, as the air temperature expresses how hot the air is, and the air temperature in a particular area depends on several factors, one of the most important of these factors :

  • The amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth, which is the main source of heating the Earth's surface and air.
  • The topography of the region and its height above sea level, where the air temperature drops, for example, in mountainous areas due to its distance from the surface of the earth, and the difference in air pressure in it.
  • The distribution of water and land in and around the region. There is a discrepancy in the absorption of the sun's heat between water and land, which affects the heat transmitted to the air in contact with it.
  • The movement of winds and air masses, such as cold air masses lowering the air temperature in the area they reach.
What are the factors on which the air temperature depends?