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Q: What are the types of lenticular clouds?

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Last update 2022.07.02

  1. Altocumulus SL clouds.
  2. Altocumulus lenticular clouds (Stratocumulus SL).
  3. Cirrocumulus SL clouds.

(Cirrocumulus SL) They are at an altitude ranging between six thousand meters and up to twelve thousand meters above the surface of the earth, and this type of cloud appears in the form of intermittent white rows that appear to be patchy. Sometimes it may appear transparent at a certain temperature and the nature of these clouds tends to reflect orange, red, yellow and sometimes violet during sunset or sunrise

(Stratocumulus SL) This type of cloud is found at a height ranging from two thousand meters to six thousand meters, and it is in the form of stacked grains gathered in oval layers and is larger and darker than the cumulus periosteum. These clouds resemble clusters in the appearance of their layers due to the instability of air masses

(Altocumulus SL) The last type of lenticular clouds is located at an altitude of less than two thousand meters from the surface of the earth, and this is the type closest to the earth. Most of them do not carry any precipitation, unlike medium clouds, and their presence often indicates the possibility of storms

What are the types of lenticular clouds?