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Q: What is heat stress?

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Last update 2024.06.15

ArabiaWeather - Heat stress is an acute condition resulting from the body being exposed to high heat for a long time. To prevent this condition, the following tips can be followed:

  1. Avoid standing for long periods in the sun without protecting your head.
  2. If the work requires standing in the sun for a long time, you must protect your head and drink sufficient amounts of water, because high heat leads to the body losing fluids, causing dehydration.
  3. If the work requires great physical effort in a hot climate, you should drink plenty of water while working and reduce your intake of tea and coffee. Because they help produce urine and lose important salts, which leads to dehydration and dizziness.
  4. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables to get a balanced diet.
What is heat stress?