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Q: What is the AlBawarih wind?

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Last update 2022.06.17

Al-Bawarih winds: are very dry northwest winds that raise dust and dust, resulting from the high surface atmospheric pressure on the eastern basin of the Mediterranean and its extreme low over the eastern Arabian Peninsula and the Empty Quarter desert, which contributes to the rush of winds from the northwest to the southeast, with the excitation of dust and storms. sandy;


Al-Bawareh winds mainly blow over Iraq, Kuwait, and eastern Saudi Arabia, sometimes extending to wider areas, including the capital, Riyadh. The influence of the Al-Bawareh winds sometimes affects other countries such as Bahrain and Qatar to the UAE and later the Sultanate of Oman , and the influence of the dust-laden Al-Bawareh winds can travel and extend through Saudi Arabia towards Yemen .


What is the AlBawarih wind?