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Q: What is the aurora borealis?

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Last update 2021.11.23

<p style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"></p><p style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"><strong>The aurora borealis,</strong> or northern lights, is a dynamic display of bright natural light in Earth&#39;s sky, often seen at high latitudes (around the North Pole and the South Pole).</p><p style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"> The aurora borealis occur as a result of disturbances in the Earth&#39;s magnetosphere caused by <strong>the solar wind</strong> loaded with charged particles, as they travel at high speed through space to reach the Earth&#39;s protective magnetosphere, and interact with the gases of the upper atmosphere, ionizing the gas atoms to emit light of varying colors and shapes.</p>

What is the aurora borealis?