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Q: What is the new GPT-4 model?

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Last update 2024.05.18

Weather of Arabia - “GPT-4” is a multimedia linguistic program, which means its ability to respond to both text and images using artificial intelligence.

The company that designed it, OpenAI, explained that the new version can diagnose patients, write programs, play chess, read authors’ articles, and perform many other tasks.

For example, if you show it a picture of the contents of your refrigerator and ask what you can prepare, GPT-4 will try to come up with recipes using the pictured ingredients, according to MIT's Technology Review website.

GPT-4 is also distinguished by its ability to explain jokes. For example, if you show it a meme image, it can explain to you why it is funny, according to the American site.

In theory, combining text and images could help GPT-4 better understand the world and address traditional weaknesses in language models, such as spatial reasoning, according to Technology Review.

What is the new GPT-4 model?