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Q: What is the unit of measurement for atmospheric pressure?

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Last update 2021.11.02

<p style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr">There are several standard units of atmospheric pressure and can be converted between them depending on the units used for force and area such as grams, kilograms, meters, and kilometers</p><ol style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"><li style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"> - <strong>Pascal (Pa):</strong> It is the recognized and approved unit in the International System of Units for measuring atmospheric pressure, and because it is considered very small, it is converted into kilopascals (kPa).</li><li style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"> <strong>Atmospheric pressure (atm):</strong> i.e. (atmosphere), also used to measure atmospheric pressure, equal to 101.3 kPa.</li><li style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"> - <strong>Millimeters of mercury (mmHg):</strong> Atmospheric pressure is measured by determining the height of the mercury column in the barometer, and it can be converted into a unit (atm), as 1 atm equals 760 mmHg.</li><li style=";text-align:left;direction:ltr"> <strong>Pounds per square inch (psi):</strong> 1 atm equals 14.7 psi.</li></ol>

What is the unit of measurement for atmospheric pressure?