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Q: Where did the name Ramadan come from?

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Last update 2022.04.24

The word Ramadan is derived from the original “Ramd” which means intensity and strength of heat, and its derivation is based on the weight of Ramadan, meaning that it became very hot, and “Ramadhan” means that the heat became more intense for them, and at that time they transferred all the names of the months from the language that prevailed in the old days. And they started calling it names related to the times, and this coincided with Ramadan, when the days were very hot, and from then on it was called Ramadan.

The Head of the Department of Sharia Sciences at the Islamic University of Beirut said: “There is a link between Ramadaan and fasting from food and drink. severe thirst, or extreme thirst, and one of them is that the Arabs used to bathe their weapons in it, i.e. prepare them in preparation for war in the month of Shawwal.

Where did the name Ramadan come from?