How does the Starlink Internet system work?

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ندى ماهر عبدربه
ندى ماهر عبدربه
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Weather of Arabia - SpaceX has presented an ambitious project to provide Internet service via satellite under the name “Starlink.” This project aims to provide high-speed Internet service all over the world, including remote and isolated areas.

SpaceX's initiative to create a global broadband network to provide high-speed Internet services relies on the "Starlink" system, which is a constellation of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. This system aims to cover rural and geographically isolated areas where Internet services are often non-existent.

SpaceX , formally known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp , which was founded by Elon Musk in 2002 , runs this initiative, developing and deploying satellites to achieve the goal of providing high-speed Internet services around the world.

How does Starlink work?

The Starlink system is based on satellite Internet service technology, a technology that has been used over the decades. Instead of relying on fiber optic cables to transmit Internet data, the Starlink system takes advantage of sending radio signals through space.

These signals are generated by ground stations, and then broadcast to satellites in space orbits. These satellites transmit data to subscribers in the Starlink network on Earth. It is noted that each satellite in the Starlink constellation weighs about 573 pounds and is characterized by a flat structure. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets can carry up to 60 satellites per flight.

The main goal of the Starlink system is to create a network in space that can provide short access times to Internet users on Earth, and achieving this goal is a major challenge, especially with the increasing need for short access times. To achieve this, SpaceX proposed creating a constellation that includes about 42,000 satellites . Smaller than a tablet, these satellites orbit the world in low orbits. These constellations are called “CubeSats” and are able to provide robust network coverage and low latency in low Earth orbit, which is essential for providing efficient and fast Internet service.

Competition in the race to provide satellite Internet service

However, Starlink is not alone in the race to provide satellite internet service, as there are several other competitors such as OneWeb, HughesNet, Viasat, and Amazon. HughesNet , for example, has been providing Internet service via satellites extending up to 22,000 miles above the Earth's surface since 1996. However, Starlink is showing some notable improvements:

  • Instead of relying on a few large satellites, Starlink uses thousands of small satellites.
  • Starlink relies on low-orbit (LEO) satellites that orbit the planet only 300 miles above the Earth's surface, which contributes to improved internet speeds.
  • The latest Starlink satellites have laser communication elements that enable signals to be transmitted between satellites, reducing reliance on multiple ground stations.
  • SpaceX plans to launch up to 40,000 satellites in the near future, ensuring global satellite coverage and minimizing service disruptions.

As for Starlink's internet speeds, the service offers unlimited high-speed data, with download speeds reaching up to 150 megabits per second (Mbps) . SpaceX intends to double this speed in the coming months, and according to the Speedtest conducted by Ookla, Starlink recorded the fastest average download speed in the first quarter of 2022 at 160 Mbps in Lithuania, and similar speeds were recorded in a number of other countries, and Starlink aims to achieve continuity. Improving internet speeds and subscriber experience.

How to contact Starlink?

When you subscribe to Starlink , you will get a Starlink package that includes the following:

  • Satellite dish
  • Plate holder
  • A basic unit for a Wi-Fi router
  • You'll also find a power cable for the base unit and a 75-foot cable to connect the dish to the router.

To begin trying out the service, Starlink customers must first set up the satellite dish to receive the signal and transfer the bandwidth to the router; The company provides various installation options for the dish, including installation in courtyards, on rooftops and on home exteriors. In addition, the Starlink application is available for Android and Apple iOS , which uses augmented reality to help users choose the best location and location for their receivers. .

Using Starlink in bad weather

Starlink has been carefully designed to handle a wide range of extreme weather conditions and according to the company, Starlink has been rigorously tested to withstand extreme cold, high heat, sleet, heavy rain, and gusty winds. Starlink can even melt ice.

Starlink uses LEO satellites and a phased array antenna to ensure outstanding performance in extreme weather conditions, and the quality of service is affected in certain conditions as follows:

  • Cloudy Weather: Cloudy weather does not have a major impact, but storm clouds can cause signal interruption.
  • Heavy rain: Heavy rain may affect signal quality.
  • Strong winds: A properly installed dish is not affected by strong winds.
  • Snow: Light snowfall does not significantly affect performance, but heavy snow can affect performance.
  • Frost and ice: Frost and ice can affect the signal.
  • Fog: Dense fog can cause signal loss

Where is Starlink available?

Starlink currently only offers its service in 40 countries

Musk announces Starlink's support for international relief organizations in Gaza

American billionaire Elon Musk announced his intention to provide Internet service via the “Starlink” satellite system to recognized international relief organizations in Gaza , which had been isolated from the world for days as a result of the cut off of communications and the Internet.

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