Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince and the Saudi Green Initiative

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ندى ماهر عبدربه
ندى ماهر عبدربه
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Weather of Arabia - In the modern era, environmental issues and climate change have become among the most prominent challenges facing the world, and among the young leaders who seek to achieve progress in this field, the name of Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince , stands out, who launched the Saudi Green Initiative as a bold step towards... Promoting environmental sustainability and combating climate change.

A desert full of greenery

The Saudi Green Initiative comes within the framework of Vision 2030 , which aims to promote economic diversification, reduce dependence on oil, and transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a global center for clean energy. This initiative is based on the principle of our responsibility towards the environment and our impacts on it, and aims to direct investments towards projects that enhance sustainability and protect... the environment.

On March 27, 2021, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the direction of the “Green Saudi Arabia” initiative and the “Green Middle East” initiative, and stressed that they will determine the path of the Kingdom and the region in preserving the environment and nature, and will contribute effectively to achieving global goals, and the Crown Prince indicated the responsibility The Kingdom, as a leading global oil producer, has pushed forward efforts to combat climate change, and announced their commitment to leading the coming green era. In 2022, Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the launch of the second edition of the “Green Middle East Initiative Summit” on November 7, as well as the launch of the “Saudi Green Initiative.” On November 11 and 12, 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Arab Republic of Egypt.

Saudi Green Initiative

The Saudi Green Initiative plays a vital role in achieving global climate change goals, and the Kingdom paves the way towards a more sustainable future through an investment strategy that includes all segments of society.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Saudi Green Initiative:

Sustainability first

It is to supervise and unify all the Kingdom’s efforts to combat climate change under one umbrella, with a clear and common goal and several tasks and responsibilities, including:

  • Uniting the efforts of the government and private sectors to identify and support opportunities for cooperation and innovation.
  • Promoting the green economy - represents the first package, which includes more than 60 new initiatives and projects within the framework of the Saudi Green Initiative.
  • Accelerating the green transition and playing a global pioneering role in implementing the concept of the circular carbon economy.
  • Raising the quality of life and protecting the environment for future generations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative

  • Reducing carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030.

Achieving the vision of reducing carbon emissions by 2030 requires a comprehensive approach. The Kingdom is committed to generating half of its electrical energy from renewable sources by 2030. In addition to changing the composition of local energy, the Saudi Green Initiative is implementing a series of ambitious programs and projects to reduce emissions. These programs include investments in new energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, and developing capture and storage programs. Carbon.



  • Planting 10 billion trees throughout the Kingdom

Planting 10 billion trees across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is equivalent to rehabilitating 40 million hectares of degraded land. This initiative, which includes the participation of all segments of society, aims to restore vital environmental functions, improve air quality, reduce the occurrence of sand and dust storms, increase plant coverage and contribute to combating desertification and other environmental benefits through careful afforestation initiatives throughout the Kingdom.



  • Protecting 30% of the land and sea areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Within the framework of the Green Saudi Initiative, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a commitment to protect 30% of its terrestrial and marine areas by 2030 , and the Kingdom aims to achieve this goal through cooperation with leading global organizations in the field of biodiversity conservation, such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and this step will contribute In preserving the environmental diversity and rich wildlife that characterize the Kingdom, for the benefit of future generations.




It is noteworthy that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also announced the goal of achieving “zero” net emissions before 2060 , which indicates Saudi Arabia’s commitment to eliminating pollution and contributing to the world’s efforts to address climate change. The Saudi Green Initiative represents a bright future vision, where development comes together. Economic, with concern for the environment and combating climate change, as it is a bold step towards achieving environmental sustainability.

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