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رنا السيلاوي
رنا السيلاوي
محرر أخبار - قسم التواصل الاجتماعي

Weather of Arabia - On the sixteenth of April every year, Jordanians celebrate the National Flag Day, which is the day that was approved by the Council of Ministers in 2021 in conjunction with the centenary celebrations of the Jordanian state, establishing our relationship with the flag that extends in the collective memory that chronicled the victories of Arab Muslims throughout history, so what is the story Jordanian flag?


Semantics and symbols of the Jordanian flag

The flag is seen as part of the process of building the nation, and establishes a sense of patriotism among people, and intensifies their sense of a set of symbols, signs and colors and gives them meanings and connotations accumulated over the days, to preserve their national memory. colors to:

  • Al-Abyad: The Umayyads, who raised the whites, saw them spreading Islam; The mainstay of civilization and its address from India to Andalusia.
  • The Lions: The Abbasids whose black banners fluttered in a country that flourished with science, industry, arts, architecture and literature.
  • Green: Ahl al-Bayt who remained steadfast in their principles and convictions and were not deceived by life with their green flag and the cloak of the Messenger Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace).
  • Red: The flag of the Hashemites, who represent the dignity and freedom of the Arabs. It is the triangle that combines the previous three stripes, with the seven-pointed star in the middle, which denotes the opening of the Noble Qur’an, the Seven Muthani (Surah Al-Fatihah of seven verses).


The story of the Jordanian flag

On the tenth of June 1916, the late, God willing, Sharif Al-Hussein bin Ali, launched the Great Arab Revolt, accompanied by sincere men, carrying the flag of the Great Arab Revolt that they planted in the cities of Hijaz before heading north through the cities of Jordan to Damascus, in order to establish an Arab renaissance. Restore the dignity and pride of the Arab nation.


The men of Jordan and the rest of the Levant pledged allegiance to the late King Faisal bin Al-Hussein, so that the Kingdom of Syria would be established in 1918, and its flag would be raised in 1920, which consists of the four colors black, green, and white, with the red triangle in the middle of the seven-pointed star, in all parts of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and parts of Iraq In a country that sought unity for the Arabs, but the ambitions of colonialism put an end to the first Arab unitary project in the modern era, the Hashemites were its vanguard and its political and national lever.

(flag of the great Arab revolution)


On April 11, 1921, the flag was carried, announcing the birth of a Hashemite emirate on the land of Jordan, with the allegiance of the late founding king Abdullah bin Al-Hussein as its emir, and then in 1922 the white color was replaced by placing it in the middle between black from above and green from below to distinguish it due to the difficulty of noticing white. Sometimes from a distance.

And the Jordanian flag remained raised high and officially since that date, and it had instructions to raise it officially, but Jordan did not have a constitution dealing with the country’s heritage, symbols, and others, until the Basic Law of the Principality of Transjordan was issued on April 16, 1946, which is like the first constitution of the Jordanian state, and it included 72 articles The third article stipulated the Jordanian flag.


Specifications of the Jordanian flag

In 1928, the constitution stipulated an article on the flag, in which it was stated that the length of the Jordanian flag is twice its width, and it is divided into three equal and parallel pieces; The upper one is black, the middle one is white, and the lower one is green. A red triangle is placed on it from the side of the mast, the base of which is equal to the width of the flag and its height equal to half its length. In this triangle there is a white star with seven rays, the area of which can accommodate a circle whose diameter is one fourteenth of the length of the flag, and this planet is placed so that it is in the middle of it. At the point of intersection of the lines between the angles of the triangle, so that the axis passing through one of the vertices is parallel to the base of this triangle.

Championships raised the flag of Jordan high

This flag was raised by Jordanians with the declaration of the independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on May 25, 1946, which established their sovereignty over the land, the end of the British mandate that lasted about twenty-five years, and the pledge of allegiance to the late Abdullah bin Al-Hussein as king of the country.

And on the land of Palestine, the precious and precious Arab army exerted efforts to preserve its sanctities in battles immortalized in history and in which the Jordanian flag was raised, starting with the battle of Bab al-Wad in 1948 that repelled the Zionist advance towards Jerusalem, and dozens of Jordanian martyrs rose in defense of the first two qiblas and the third of the Two Holy Mosques.


On March 21, 1968, the Arab army waged a battle of dignity, which witnessed exceptional heroism in the face of the indomitable army, so that the Jordanians would write a victory documenting their record of victories, and waving their high flag that did not fall from their hands in the battle and remained raised with the blood of the martyrs and the efforts of the living.


For more than fifty years, Jordan's soldiers have adhered to their duty in many battles to preserve the homelands in the face of enemies, since its participation in the October 1973 war, and through its wars against the forces of extremism and terrorism that managed to spare the Jordanian people and the Arab peoples major dangers and disasters, and ending with its essential and important role in Confronting the Corona epidemic about two years ago, and in all of these locations, the Jordanian flag remained proud of its glories.


Source: Agencies

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